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Run Medisoft in the Cloud!

Medisoft - Cloud-Hosted Computing

medisoft2A cloud-based computing platform designed specifically for Medisoft users.

Today’s users need more from their computing platforms. They need them to be consistent and redundant and, most importantly, available from wherever they are. At Altex Business Solutions, we offer a Medisoft platform that can transform your business by providing the custom computing interface, application deployment, and cost reduction that is attractive to both the modern practice, and the modern user.


The resources your company needs, available from anywhere.

Today’s practice depends on the flexibility to work from different locations, on different devices, at different times. With Altex Business Solutions’s platform, the hardware and Medisoft application your staff depends on is virtualized and hosted in the cloud to give them the access to all the computing resources they need to be productive, on the devices they prefer 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


Cloud Hosting offers substantial cost savings over traditional computing constructs.

Practices spend a lot of money on hardware. With our hosted platform, organizations will save valuable capital on hardware, as the interface is hosted through the cloud and can be delivered through thin clients and mobile browsers. Beyond that, since the hardware is virtualized it is managed and maintained by the cloud provider, cutting support costs while providing a customizable, reliable computing platform for each member of your staff.

How Our Hosted Medisoft Cloud Platform Works

Our hosted Medisoft solution is cloud computing at its best.

Altex Business Solutions technicians will perform a full assessment of your organization’s computing infrastructure, noting what applications you use, how you store your data, and other factors that will go into designing a reliable VDI solution. Using today’s most dynamic virtualization tools, we will then work to digitize your applications and data onto partitioned infrastructure that is hosted in our datacenter. Through the use of virtual machines, we are then able to provide access through a web browser to a platform (typically Windows OS-based) where each user will have access to the applications and databases they need to perform their duties. Since the VDI interface is accessible from anywhere, you free every user in your organization from the the confines the traditional workstation, providing them a custom interface in which to be productive.

The IT professionals at Altex Business Solutions are here to help your organization build efficiency and be more productive.   If you would like more information on how to leverage our hosted solution, call us today at (713) 621-6000.

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