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Harris Caretracker

HArris Caretracker is a family of cloud-based products and services that simplify administration of physician practices and improve care by enabling physicians to spend more time with patients.

Today, more than 10,000 health care providers nationwide use Harris Caretracker modules together or in combination with other third-party practice management systems.

The Harris Caretracker Suite is comprised of:

Caretracker EMR

 Caretracker EMR is a CCHIT ONC-ATCB Certified 2011/2012 EMR and is also a CCHIT 2011 Certified Ambulatory EHR that integrates fully with all the operational functions of the practice, helping you to achieve greater efficiency through smoother day-to-day operations. This simplicity strengthens the patient-physician experience, improves quality, and reduces costs. Harris Caretracker PM and Physician EMR offers atHarris Caretrackerments.

Harris Caretracker Practice Management

Simplify practice management and boost efficiency with our cloud-based medical billing solution.

Harris Caretracker Practice Management is an application that helps your practice achieve greater efficiency by streamlining your administrative workflows while monitoring that you are paid accurately and on time for all the work you do.

Harris Caretracker Patient Portal

Harris Caretracker Patient Portal unites patients and providers with a secure, online, health care tracking web portal that streamlines information sharing and can be exported for use in an external EMR system.

Optum Patient Portal

Harris Caretracker Provider Portal

Referral Network is a secure, web-based provider portal that allows you to build a network of referring providers through a national database.

Using Harris Caretracker PM and Physician EMR, providers can invite other providers who share the same patients, regardless of what billing system they are using.

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