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Altex Business Solutions has been serving the Texas area since 1993, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Medical Billing Best Practices

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LAST CHANCE TO CONFIRM YOUR SPOT! Every practice’s revenue cycle is the same. It starts when a patient sets an appointment and it ends when the practice receives payment. It sounds simple enough, but the reality is there are too many opportunities along the way where simple mistakes can cost your practice money. For over 20 years eMDs has been offering revenue cycle services to our customers. Along the way, we’ve picked up a trick or two and have created a program of RCM Best Practices.Whether you do your own billing and collections or use an outside billing service, using these best practices can help your practice increase revenue, decrease account receivables, reduce expenses, streamline workflow, and most importantly, improve control of your business.

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Altex Business Solutions announces Medisoft V23 On Sale Now!


Medisoft V23 On Sale Now!

What's New in Medisoft V23?

Medisoft V23 is loaded with new features that will save your staff time on daily tasks and allowing your office to be more productive.

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Altex Business Solutions launches new website!

Altex Business Solutions is proud to announce the launch of our new website at The goal of the new website is to make it easier for our existing clients to submit and manage support requests, and provide more information about our services for prospective clients.

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New ransomware is bad news for healthcare organizations

New ransomware is bad news for healthcare organizations

Well that didn’t take long. In a recent article I made the case that newer variations of ransomware could result in a reportable HIPAA breach.  I argued that if ransomware not only encrypted the victim’s files but also copied the files off of a computer or allowed access to the files, then the result could be a reportable breach.

CryptXXX Ransomware

A relatively new variation of ransomware called CryptXXX has been identified. Like older variations, the malware encrypts a victims files and demands a ransom to release the files. The ransom averages about $500.

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Is Ransomware Considered A HIPAA Breach?

Is Ransomware Considered A HIPAA Breach?

The topic of ransomware, especially ransomware hitting healthcare organizations, is making headlines daily. Dan Munro has a very good article over at Forbes that asks an important question:

Is Ransomware Considered A Health Data Breach Under HIPAA?

David Harlow, Principal – The Harlow Group, LLC, whose insight into HIPAA law I respect greatly, states:

Ransomware has just recently come to the fore as a threat to the healthcare industry and it challenges our collective instincts about what should be considered data breaches under HIPAA. We need to remember that HIPAA is narrowly drawn and that a breach is defined as the unauthorized “access, acquisition, use or disclosure” of PHI. In many cases, ransomware “wraps” PHI rather than breaches it. This may explain why there are so few public reports of ransomware in healthcare – there is no obligation to report these incidents to OCR

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MIPS Performance Categories, Part 3: Clinical Practice Improvement Activities

The Clinical Practice Improvement Activities piece of the MIPS puzzle is a new performance category for CMS, and it’s weighted 15 percent of the MIPS total score. Clinicians choose from approximately 90 activities that have been designed with the intention of measuring capabilities in areas like care coordination, beneficiary engagement and patient safety.

60 points = 100 percent credit

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Altex Business Solutions announces release of Medisoft V22

Medisoft V22 is here

What's New in Medisoft V22?

Accounts Receivable Tracker

The new AR Tracker tool makes it easy for staff to drill down into their Accounts Receivable and work outstanding balances from

within Medisoft. With advanced filtering capabilities and the ability to create  and assign tasks, staff can create  the exact workflows they need to follow up on balances and bring more of your revenue back in the door.

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Altex Business Solutions opens a new branch location

Altex opens new branch location in Georgia. It is our pleasure to announce we have opened a new branch location in the Atlanta area.

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Altex Business Solutions announces Medisoft Flash Sale

Limited Time Only

If you are on Medisoft V20 or older, upgrade to Medisoft V22 in October 2017 and save 50% off MSRP!

Medisoft is one of the most mature, user-friendly practice management applications on the market, and it gets better each year as eMDs adds new layers of features and functions.Medisoft is one of the most mature, user-friendly practice management applications on the market, and it gets better each year as eMDs adds new layers of features and functions.

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Altex Selects MediTouch Cloud


Altex Business Solutions Selects the HealthFusion MediTouch Cloud Platform

Altex Business Solutions has partnered with HealthFusion Inc., a subsidiary of Quality Systems/NextGen, and the provider of top-rated MediTouch® EHR software, to offer award-winning EHR and Billing Software. Through this program, clients of Altex looking to implement or upgrade their EHRs and billing systems to a PureCloudTM platform will be offered the MediTouch software suite which includes Practice Management, Electronic Health Records (EHR), Clearinghouse Services and a state of the art Patient Portal.

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