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What's New in Medisoft V22?

Accounts Receivable Tracker - Drill down into your accounts receivable with advanced filtering capabilities and work outstanding balances from within your Medisoft application. 

Enhanced Eligibility Checking - Take advantage of new upgrades to the eligibility checking system including better automation with more EDI partners.

Payment Processing Improvements - Gain efficiencies with new filtering options allowing partial posting of remittances and printing an EOB for a single claim. 

Claims Status Checking - Initiate a true claim status check through your clearinghouse and receive an electronic response that updates the status of claims making it even easier to know if you’re going to be paid.

Expanded Mobile Functionality - Brand new user interface, new levels of customization for your superbills and patient questionnaires, and support for iPhone and iPad.

MBI Guarantee - eMDs guarantees that your new Medisoft system will support the transition to the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) to ensure support for your practice with Medicare claims, claim status, eligibility status, and payment.

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