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AltexIT Business Continuity

 Not just backup... this is Business Continuity!

Your business is at risk every day!

Simple daily backups are no longer enough to ensure your business will keep running in the event of equipment failure, human error, fire, flood, or cyber security threats.   If disaster strikes how will you ensure that your IT environment has enough flexibility, redundancy, and resilience to protect your data while remaining simple to set up, use, and recover?

Introducing the ABS|DATA SECURITY Platform

A fully featured total data protection platform in one integrated solution.

We have options to choose from a family of physical, virtual and software appliances as well as a variety of storage options.  This flexibility gives us the ability to craft a unique data protection solution tailored to your business.

Multiple OS Support

The ABS|DATA SECURITY platform supports a wide array of operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. Then protects and restores to both physical machines and virtual environments giving you the option to restore no matter where your business data lives.

Backups are Tested Daily

With backups scheduled as often as every 5 minutes your backup is tested, stored locally and replicated to the secured cloud datacenter.  And not just a simple cloud datacenter but within globally distributed datacenters and with infinite cloud retention you can store your data for as long as your business requires.  Companies cannot risk losing any amount of data to corruption.  Outdated backup methods force you to restore an entire system from a single restore point resulting in data loss and any files created after the restore.  The ABS|DATA SECURITY platform uses inverse chain technology and ZFS snapshots to make each file interdependent.  Each snapshots saves the changes between each data point ensuring that any individual piece of data can be recovered from any previous backup without losing the most recent data.

Instant Virtualization

When disaster strikes your business, there is no time to waste waiting on outdated technology to restore backups even 15 minutes old. With instant virtualization your business can restore within seconds from their local device or using the platforms powerful cloud.  While a complete image of your system runs through a virtual machine regular backups continue, and if you lose the entire source machine the ABS|DATA SECURITY platform also provides the option for a bare-metal restore into new hardware or a virtual destination.

Ransomware Detection

Detect ransomware threats before they happen. The ABS|DATA SECURITY platform monitors and targets specific patterns for ransomware within a single backup and notifies you and helps you get back to business without paying ransom.

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With the ABS|DATA SECURITY platform your business can Run Anywhere,  Protect Anything and Restore Anytime.

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